512 Audio - New Gear
A rundown of the new gear from 512 Audio. The Limelight and Skylight microphones, and the Academy headphones, I also review their Pop Filter and Boom Arm.
5 VO Mics under $200 for 2022
Here are 5 affordable mics you can use to jump start your voiceover career 
Neat Worker Bee: https://geni.us/Y0dcZcJ 
Movo VMX-7: https://geni.us/5OOW 
TZ Audio Stellar x2: https://geni.us/SOY9Bf 

If you're interested, those headphones: imp.i11486...
we explore the different aspects of headphones you should consider for recording and editing voice work. Headphones mentioned in this video include: 

  • Sennheiser HD300 Protect: https://geni.us/bjhd300protect
  • Shure  215: https://geni.us/bj-215
  • Sennheiser 6xx: https://geni.us/bj-hd6xx
  • Sony MDR 75...