• Private 1 on 1 video conference with Mike
    Set up your home voiceover studio.

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    Do you have question about how your current recordings sound? Want a fresh set of eyes or ears on in your studio? 

    I offer consultations in 30 minute increments to help get your booth set up, or your Reaper DAW configured.

​​​Studio Setup  / Coaching​

30 minutes for $75 »   

1 hour for $150 »      

Ask Mike specific questions about your home studio setup. Specifically this is for assistance with Setting up your studio, booth construction, installing equipment (audio interfaces, cameras, microphones, acoustic treatment, etc...)  We cover whatever questions you have in the time allotted.

​Sound Quality Check

Need a second set of ears to check if things sound OK? This service is to review your current audio production quality.
We can talk plugins, recording techniques, mixing, mastering and other production techniques to improve your work.

Send me an audio sample up to 60 seconds and we can talk about how  (or if) it might be improved.  Include Room tone (Mic recording, but you not talking). You can also include an additional file that had the processing you normally do and we can check it out.  

Sound Sample Review