​Product Reviews

I create honest reviews and give any product a fair shake without preconceived notions. I use and evaluate all products before I create a video about them. If you believe in your product and believe it can stand up to a comparison with a competitor, I was absolutely give your product a showcase and an audience. 

​Where to send products for review:

Mike DelGaudio / Booth Junkie 

2038 Ford Parkway #273

St. Paul, MN 55116 USA

‪(419) 777-1112‬

Use this phone number if you need to include it for shipping purposes. 

Email :

This is a secure facility and packages will be signed for, 

​Things to Know before you Send

  1. I may choose NOT to include your product in a future video. 
    I try and use and review every product before I include it in a video.  If I think it's not a good fit, I may choose not to include it. I can let you know if that's the case, and I can ship the product back if needed. 
  2. You have no editorial input 
    I cannot share the content prior to release for your review or approval, and you will not get an advance copy of the video.  I welcome any advertising material, spec sheets, or information you want to provide in order to help me evaluate your product.
    If I have questions about the behavior of the product, I will contact you for clarification.  I'll include what I think makes sense. 

  3. I will honor your embargo.
    If you need me to hold a video until a certain date, I am happy to honor NDA's and Embargoes. 
  4. Your competitors products may appear in the video.
    I often compare one product to another to help showcase how a product performs, and where the product fits in the spectrum. This helps purchasers make an informed decision, and keeps all the products and reviews honest. 

  5. The product will not be returned. 
    Unless specific arrangements are made, and you pay for any packaging and return shipping. 
  6. I will point out any flaws or concerns I find with the product.
    This is part of the fair and honest reviews. If parts are cheaply made, break easily or underperform, I will point that out.
  7. I may include affiliate links to the product.
    This helps support the channel and is one of the ways I am compensated. 
  8. It may take a while to create the video.
    I'm a one man shop, and a working voice actor. If you nave a specific deadline for a video release, I will do my best to honor that date,  but otherwise I will release when my schedule permits. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. 

​Example Videos